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Drawn to the sea

21 Mar

Galveston rocks.

The water is brown, and the city is worn by the sea. But the island oozes character. Picture a hobo surrounded by seagulls. That’s Galveston.

It’s the Hawaii of the Gulf Coast. OK, that’s a bit much.  But Galveston is close by and it is an island. So that has to count for something.

I guess that is why my parents took me and my siblings there a lot. And so I now drag my own family to the island. One day, they too will repeat the process with their families.

What is my favorite part of going to Galveston? I would say it’s the anticipation of seeing the ocean. It starts to build when you head over the giant bridge that links the island to the mainland. The seagulls and pelicans appear overhead, soaring on the wind. Then you see water and boats.

By this time, you’re starting to feel it. You roll down the window and breathe in the sea air. You exit the freeway and head south toward the seawall. In only minutes, you’re at the final traffic light and forced to turn left or right. And there it is. In a heartbeat, the ocean and all its glory unfolds before you, the sights, sounds and smells overwhelming your senses.

Waves, wind, wonder. Your brain takes it all in, and you get a little giddy. The island, as if speaking to you, shouts “Welcome to the party.”

A smile crosses your face, and you start to relax. You now remember why you come back.

Galveston rocks.

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