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Bring in the bomber

29 Feb

I smile every time I hear my old neighbor, a B-17 bomber based at Hooks Airport, fly over my house.

Since my house sits along the flight path into Hooks, I hear the buzz and roar of aircraft all day long. But nothing gets my attention faster than the signature grumble produced by the engines on that B-17. The engines sing their own tune, one that says “I’m old, slow and proud.”

I often run outside or flip open the blinds to get a good look at my favorite plane, Texas Raiders. And what a stunning sight. The bomber is big and lumbers along like an ancient creature from another time. For guys, a plane loaded with lots of bombs and machine guns is, well, the bomb.

I want one.


Via Wikipedia:

Texas Raiders has finished a lengthy and costly main spar replacement project, started in 2001 due to the Federal Aviation Administration‘s (FAA) Airworthiness Directive # 2001-22-06, citing corrosion in the wings. TR was flown to south Houston‘s Hobby Airport (KHOU) where she would be based for over 5 years. After testing, it was determined that Texas Raiders did indeed have corrosion pitting, and cracks on the wing root hardware, so replacement parts had to be re-manufactured. It was further decided that since she would be out of service for an extended period that she should be completely refurbished. This project will have cost well over 500,000 dollars by the time the project is completed.

Texas Raiders returned to flight again on October 13, 2009, and then debuted at her “home airshow”, Wings Over Houston later that month. March 2010 found Texas Raiders relocating to a spacious hangar at the Tomball Jet Center in David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport (KDWH) in Tomball, Texas.[1]

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